When the time comes to seek investment you must build your business plan in which you will have to dive into the numbers, challenge them and present your projections with other stakeholders.

  • Who are the best matching investors for your project?
  • How much should you raise?
  • What fund should you contact if you are seed round? A, B, C, D, E?
  • What fund is more appropriated if you are a Fintech, CyberTech, Insuretech, HealthTech, AI, e-commerce, digital solution? Saas Platform?
  • What should you tell them?
  • How should you introduce yourself ?
  • How to build a pitch?

So many questions that Sagiles can provide you answers to.

We saves you time in the fundraising process by connecting you to relevant family offices, VC’s or corporate venture capitals, to make your fundraising  – a success story.



From developing an innovative solution to building and achieving a pragmatic strategy, Sagiles connects visionary leaders to business leaders, that need a clear vision to enhance/ affect their business and perspectives.

We offer cutting edge approaches, embedded with deep industry knowledge and experience, to develop and execute tailored strategies. Our global network works collaboratively with our clients and partners, evaluates and creates your strategy that will positively affect businesses.

We area looking for new exciting technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Digital Health, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing which disrupt and transform businesses.

Sagiles helps them to make the difference and have an impact on leading organizations.



Sagiles offers its know-how by combining the best innovative solutions with an experienced marketing team and help you build 360 Marketing Campaigns. Sagiles assists and enhances performance of clients of any size and from any sector, to optimize customer acquisition (improve ROI on e-commerce websites), to build strategies, and/or by transforming marketing and commercial organizations/ start-ups.
We bring visibility to your website thanks to our tailor made natural SEO.
We use display and native advertising and help you deal with non-intrusive editorial marketing.
Establish your Social communication strategy on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.
We can build your website and application design and thanks to our unique talented studio, we can create you an animated pitch, motion design and many other interactive animations.

Sagiles has developed a value proposition, focused on 2 pillars:
Customer Strategy: acquisition, Omni channel performance, digital ecosystems, brand attributes, communication strategy

Organizations & Operations: transformation of business functions, change management, process optimization and collaborative solutions


Business Development

Our Business Development offering is ideally suited for companies looking to enter and maximize their sales in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Israel or elsewhere in Europe, and the USA with an appropriate budget. Sagiles offers a network with extensive experience in selling innovative products and solutions.  We learn the technology and the solution and build the appropriate story-telling and strategy, becoming a part of your team.
We use our own sales methodology and approach create dedicated best practices. We build the approach of the entire sales process. We conduct roadshows, team-working and co-leading interviews.
Our team is dedicated to support the growth of these innovative companies, looking to market their fresh and creative ideas.

Sagiles provides the following assistance and support in:

  • Signing a Distribution Agreement for international markets
  • Training local teams
  • Managing the entire sales process (prospecting, pre-sales, signature)
  • Trade show meetings
  • Locating and approaching potential customers
  • Building channels / Strategic partnerships
  • Placing associated marketing actions
  • P&L Management (complete and local teams, if necessary)
  • Maintenance and support solutions


Due diligence is an essential process in the methodology of Sagiles, to assure and analyze what the company is really offering. It engages credibility and trust of Sagiles, in front of executives from leading listed companies.

Due diligence consists in a complete analysis of the company. It includes data collection, review of the company’s financial records or business plan, legal documents, technology solution, executive and technical team, strategy and ability to execute, competitive landscape, use cases, pricing model, regulation (eg : GDPR, FATC and others) and more.

All due diligence services can be provided by Sagiles .


  • Growing together in a collaborative environment and an innovative culture.
  • Each employee manages his own path.
  • Anyone can bring new projects and get the opportunity to realize it.

If that defines you, please apply here !