Sagiles is a boutique business bridge between France and Israel. We are a one-stop shop and the focal point between Startups, Corporates and VCs. Sagiles is a leading dealmaker who advises and accelerates both early-stage and well established innovative Startups, both in France and in Israel.

STARTUPS: we help you create/ grow your business.
CORPORATES: we help you find the best start-ups and do the due diligence.
VCs: we help you increase your ROI on your start-ups’ portfolio.

Our main focus is France where we can lead your fundraising and business development opportunities.
OnDemand, we can also operate in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Greece, the United States, India, Hong-Kong, Singapour and China.
We make sure startups achieve their utmost potential by taking them to the next level.
By offering the expertise and vast network of our sales and marketing teams, we provide comprehensive, tailor-made support for startups operating in verticals such as Fintech, Insurtech, Medtech, Healtchtech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Agritech, Energy/ Cleantech, IoT and Digital Marketing.

Management TEAM :

David Nabet

David Nabet

Founder & CEO of Sagiles

David worked for over 20 years in the consulting industry world. In 2008, he created Valmen, a group that counts now around 100 consultants and consists of 3 companies (MOA, Executive Board and Software), which specialized in health insurance and HMO’s. With expertise in healthcare and health benefits environments, the group became a highly recognized key player in the field.

In 2013, David founded Sagiles in order to connect between Startups and Corporates and to assist organizations undergo a digital transformation process.
In addition, Sagiles also collaborates with Wilco (Formerly Scientipôle, French accelerator and incubator attached to The French Public Bank of Investments), as an expert for start-ups.

David specializes in scouting, fundraising, strategic support and business development of start-ups (innovative projects) in France and Israel.